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Adventures and guided tours

The tour is an active adventure in or around the Hara submarine base, which is suitable for the adventurous people of all ages.
The tour guide takes your group on an exciting tour back to Soviet times. Activities take place outdoors. Put together a program that is right for your party, team, class or group of friends. We have prepared for you a selection of activities that our visitors liked the most.


A tour with a tour guide at the secret Soviet-era Hara submarine base.

Estimated duration of the tour – 1 hour.
Length ~ 1 km


  • Starting from 10 people 11 € / person
  • Starting from 20 people 8 € / person
  • Starting from 30 people 7 € / person

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seiklused allveelaevade baasis
Majakivi rahn
Majakivi matkaraja pikendus

NEW! Nature trip with a guide from the port of Hara to the Majakivi hiking trail

A new, pleasant 6 km long hiking trail from the car park of Hara Harbor through the wooded Majakivi hiking trail has been completed. The Juminda peninsula is characterized by a high central part, where the intertwining of former coastal embankments and sand dunes, forest and gorge strips has created a unique and varied landscape. You can get acquainted with nature by passing the trail, and during the walk we will reach the third largest boulder in Estonia – Majakivi. From there we head back to the port of Hara. Along the way, the tour guide will provide additional information about what to see.

The duration of the hiking trail is estimated at 1.5 hours.

Length ~ 6 km


€ 14 per participant

For larger groups (more than 30 people) the price is negotiable.

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If desired, it is possible to combine a nature trip with an excursion in the Soviet era submarine base. Ask for more information and options.

NEW! Boat trip to Hara Bay

The beautiful views of the North Coast and the military buildings of the Hara submarine base can be explored by boat in Hara Bay and around the small island of Hara. Hara Bay is one of the deepest in the region, which also explains why the Soviet army built its own port and base for submarines. The various harbors and buildings built at that time are part of history today, and special views can be seen from the sea. What makes boat trip special, however, is the experience of riding a real coastal fisherman boat.

The boat ride takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. The boat can accommodate up to 12 passengers at a time. Boat trips are by prior arrangement and according to weather conditions. In case of stormy weather, the booked boat trip may not take place.


€ 15 per participant

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If desired, it is possible to combine a boat trip with an excursion to the base of the submarine or a visit to the island of Hara. Ask for more information and options.

Hara saar

Adventure in the light of a flashlight (from September-May)

A late-night tour with a tour guide at the secret Soviet-era Hara submarine base. In winter months late afternoon, according to suncet hours.

Estimated duration of the tour – 1 hour.

Length ~ 1 km


  • Starting from10 people 14 € / person
  • Starting from 20 people 9 € / person
  • Starting from 30 people 8 € / person

Special events with different price range are available on request.

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Orientation adventure for schoolkids and families at the submarine base.

Orientation game on the territory of Hara harbor and a tour with a tour guide at the secret Soviet-era Hara submarine base. We offer 3 different games for main 3 age groups.

Estimated duration  – 2 hours
Length ~ 2 km


  • One group can be 4-5 people and costs 7€ per person.
  • For groups and bigger families ask a discount.

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If desired, it is also possible to order a light meal in the form of snacks and hot drinks.

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If you want a larger meal or you would like to exchange impressions from the adventure by the campfire or grill, find out more!

However, if you are looking for something more indoor or glamorous, be sure to check out our wine tasting and workshop opportunities

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Ticket office closes 30 minutes before closing time.


Adult 10€
Pupil/student/senior 7€
Family 22€
Preschool children free

Group tickets

Group tickets are only pre-ordered by e-mail The price of group tickets is agreed upon.


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