Bicycle rental in Hara Haven

Discover the surroundings of Hara Submarine Base and beautiful Lahemaa by bike!

Vaata ja broneeri


There are 4 men’s, 4 women’s and 3 children’s models available so you can enjoy the discovery trip with the whole family if you wish. Rental includes also bicycle helmets and safety locks.

Bicycle rental price list

Rent 1-3h – 5 €
Daily rental 8h (from 11:00 to 20:00) – 10 €
Price for an extra hour – 3 €
24h – 20 €

Deposit 50 €, which will be returned after returning the bike.

Rental conditions
1. Before renting a bicycle, the renter pays a deposit (€ 50 per 2-bicycles) and a rental fee to the lessor. Payment can be made on site in cash or by (credit) card.
2. To rent a bicycle, the renter must present a valid identity document (ID card, passport or driving license). The identity document remains with the Hara Haven customer service clerk until the return of the bicycles.
3. Hara Haven customer service shall provide to the renter a payment receipt together with the bicycle, on which, in addition to the amount of the deposit and the rental fee, the start and end time of the bicycle rental period shall be indicated.
4. The renter must return the rented bicycle (s) to the Hara Haven no later than 20:00. If the return is delayed, the renter is obliged to inform the Hara Haven customer service by calling the mobile phone indicated on the payment receipt. The renter will receive his / her identity document back during the Hara Haven’s opening hours. Opening hours are listed also on the Hara Haven’s website.
5. If the renter returns the bicycle to Hara Haven later than the final time indicated on the receipt, the price of the extra hour will apply – 3 € / 1h
6. If the property is not returned, the renter undertakes to pay the value of the property based on the service provider’s price list (theft, loss, traffic accident, etc.).
7. Hara Haven provides a bicycle lock and a safety helmet as an accessory for the bicycle. Additional equipment is included in the rental price.
8. The renter of the bicycle is responsible for the preservation and maintenance of the bicycle and accessories until the return of the bicycle.
9. All deficiencies in equipment and bicycles must be reported to the Hara Haven customer service immediately upon receipt of the rental equipment by the renter.
10. Hara Haven customer service checks the condition of the returned equipment, and it must comply with the technical procedure in which it was issued and be complex. Defects are eliminated at the expense of the renter, on the basis of the price list set by the Hara Haven or on the basis of the price list performed by a neutral party (bicycle repair / maintenance).
11. For Hara Sadam OÜ repairs and maintains works are made by the Hawaii Express. The renter will be invoiced for the elimination of the damage, which is based on the price list of the maintenance partner. The cost of spare parts and a service fee of 10% of the total invoice to the renter are added to the price of the repair. The actual repair fee will be determined during the repair.
12. Hara Haven washes the returned bicycle. Washing is included in the rental price.
13. After returning the bicycle and assessing the condition of the bicycle, the lessor returns the deposit to the lessee in cash or releases the credit card reservation, depending on how the deposit was given, provided that the bicycle is in the same condition as when it was rented.

By renting a bike, you agree that you have read the terms and conditions and agree to abide by them.

If desired, it is also possible to order a light snacks and refreshments.

If you want a proper meal or share your impression of adventure during the day, we advise spend time by the campfire or grill.

However, if you are looking for something more roomy or glamorous, be sure to check out our wine trainings and workshops.

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