Services and guidelines
Price list for visitors and visiting vessels:
  • long-term mooring 15 €/24 h
  • short-term mooring (up to 3 hours) 8 €
  • renting a berth 500 €/season (if spaces are available)
  • storage of vessel on the territory of the haven 120 €/season
  • storage of vessel on the storage area off-season (Nov 1st – April 30th) 2 €/m²
  • using a slip 5 € per vessel
  • paddling board 10 €/hour
  • rowing boat 10 €/hour
  • trip with a motorboat or yacht, agreed price
  • guided tour on the territory, agreed price
  • all types of business or non-lucrative activities on the territory, agreed price
Rules of the port:
  • A permission from the Port Service (phone number (+372) 56 900 433) is necessary for entering the port and using the berth.
  • As there is a danger of falling or loose rocks on the territory, the Port Service must be notified and agree with entering the territory.
  • Climbing on the rocks of the pier and in the abandoned buildings is dangerous and therefore forbidden.
  • It is forbidden to walk (and to berth) on the pier parallel to the pier going from west to east and also on the pier going from north to south without a permission from the Port Service.
  • Children under 13 are only allowed on the territory accompanied by an adult.
  • A permit from the Port Service is needed to enter the territory of the port with a motorized vehicle.
  • All vehicles (including bicycles) must be left at the designated parking area. Vehicles are not allowed on the pier.
  • Littering is prohibited. Please take all your trash with you when you leave!
  • Swimming (including jumping in the water) in the aquatory is prohibited.
  • Netting in the aquatory is prohibited. Angling from the pier is allowed with an angling permit from the port.
  • Only the workers of the yacht club and people participating in sailing courses are allowed to enter the territory of the yacht club (near the shipping containers).
  • When using the slip, the vehicle used for transporting the vessel and the trailer must be parked to the parking area in a way, that lets others use the slip as well.
  • All types of tricks and towing for fun purposes in the aquatory are prohibited.
  • All people present on the territory of the port must agree to the rules and the guidelines given by the workers of the port.