Adventures and Guided Tours

There are plenty of activities to enjoy in Hara, both on land and at sea! Create a personalized program for your group, team, class, or friends. We’ve compiled a selection of activities that our visitors have enjoyed the most.

Find the one that suits you and enjoy!

Active Adventures with a Guide on Land and Sea!

Guided Tour in the Secret Soviet-Era Hara Submarine Base

These tours are active adventures in the Hara submarine base or its surroundings, suitable for adventure seekers of all ages. A guide will take your group on an exciting tour back to the Soviet era. Activities are conducted outdoors.

  • Duration: Approximately 1 hour
  • Length: ~ 1 km


  • From 10 people: €16/person
  • From 20 people: €14/person
  • From 30 people: €12/person

Boat Trip to Hara Island with a Guide

On boat trips, a guide will take your group to explore the uninhabited Hara Island, enjoy the exciting views of Hara Bay, and introduce the beautiful nature of Lahemaa and the fascinating history of the Hara area.

From the coast of Hara Harbor, you can see an island. This is Hara Island in the bay of the same name. The island itself is small, only about 10-11 hectares, but it has a rich history and life. At its peak, the island was home to a couple of hundred inhabitants, bustling thanks to the fish industry, which produced the famous Tallinn sprat. You will hear about this and much more during the walk.

Guided Tour on Hara Island

  • Duration: Approximately 1-1.5 hours


  • From 10 people: €22/person
  • From 20 people: €18/person
  • From 30 people: €17/person

Adventure by Flashlight – Guided Tour in the Dim Soviet-Era Hara Submarine Base

Note: The tour time depends on the season and the sunset!

During the evening, exciting stories about the former military base will be told, with the atmosphere enhanced by dim light, the sound of the wind, and the murmur of the sea. In the dark, movement is facilitated by flashlight light, creating unique shadows and a bit of eeriness.

  • Duration: Approximately 1 hour
  • Tours are conducted when the base is closed to visitors.
  • Length: ~ 1 km


  • Adults from €15/person
  • Children aged 7-17: €10/person

New! Nature Hike with a Guide from Hara Harbor to Majakivi Hiking Trail

A new, pleasant hiking trail approximately 6 km long has been completed, starting from the parking lot of Hara Harbor and passing through a forest to the Majakivi hiking trail.

The Juminda Peninsula is characterized by a high central area where the combination of ancient beach ridges and sand dunes, forest and marsh strips has created a unique and varied landscape. Along the trail, you can explore nature and reach Estonia’s third-largest boulder, Majakivi. From there, we head back towards Hara Harbor. The guide will provide additional information about what we see along the way.

  • Duration: Approximately 1.5 hours
  • Length: ~ 6 km


  • €14/participant
  • For larger groups (more than 30 people), the price is negotiable.

It is possible to combine the nature hike with a guided tour of the submarine base. Ask for more information and options.

New! Kayak Trip to Hara Island

An adventurous kayak trip to Hara Island is perfect for those who want to do some sport, observe the beautiful nature of Lahemaa, and the views of the Hara submarine base, and make a stop at Hara Island.

Our guide will accompany the kayak trip, assist as needed, and direct the group to Hara Island. Together, you will walk on an island that was once a favorite retreat for Baltic Germans. The famous Tallinn sprats originated from Hara Island.

  • Duration: Approximately 1.5 hours
  • Cost: €25/person
  • Up to 6 participants per trip. Children under 17 are not allowed.
  • Kayak trips are available in summer or as long as the weather permits. Ask for a suitable date!

Other Adventures at Hara Harbor

Grill or Bonfire Evening – You are welcome to enjoy a romantic sea view and a grill or bonfire evening with your group.

  • Bonfire site rental: €40
  • Includes firewood, a prepared bonfire site, and grilling equipment (burning time ~3 hours).