Hara Sailing Association

Sailing started in Hara harbor in July 2017, since then sailing training for children (from 7 years of age) and adults has also been taking place. The Hara Sailing Association was established in April 2018.

The company operates a sailing school (sailing from May to September in Hara harbor, winter training in Kuusalu, Loksa and Kolga). Boat classes at the sailing school are Optimist, Zoom8, ILCA, RS FEVA.

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Sailing Basics Course at Hara Sailing Association

Upon completing the basic sailing course at the Hara Sailing Association, participants will be able to:

  • Prepare the boat for sailing under the guidance of an instructor, correctly naming the key parts of the boat and sail.
  • Launch the boat into the water and understand the essential safety rules for docking.
  • Tie the five most important knots.
  • Assess wind strength and direction at sea.
  • Understand how the sail functions.
  • Steer the boat on different wind courses and maneuver through headwind courses (tacking) and, in lighter winds, through downwind courses (gybing).
  • Know safety rules.
  • Understand the rules of right-of-way and collision avoidance.

Contact Information

  • Location and Address: Hara Harbor, Hara Village, Kuusalu Parish, 74810 Harju County
  • Email: selts@harasadam.ee