Hara Sailing Association Rules

Approved by the Board on May 25, 2018

General Provisions

1.1 The Hara Sailing Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association) rules regulate the behavior at the yacht club premises in Hara harbor and during all Association-organized competitions, camps, and events outside the yacht club premises.

1.2 The rules are based on the Hara Sailing Association bylaws, yacht club customs, and generally accepted norms of behavior.

1.3 The rules apply to members everywhere and at all times.

1.4 The rules apply to all individuals present at the yacht club premises or participating in Association events, competitions, or camps, regardless of membership status.

1.5 Special instructions for specific issues are provided as annexes to the rules and are integral parts of the rules.

Use of Yacht Club Facilities, Territory, and Harbor

2.1 Members have the right to use the yacht club premises, property, and harbor. The use of the harbor is additionally regulated by the Hara harbor regulations.

2.2 Members, contractual partners, and guests must use the Association’s property responsibly.

2.3 Members, contractual partners, and guests must comply with the orders of board members regarding the Association’s activities and the harbor master’s orders regarding the use of the harbor. They must also reimburse the Association for any expenses incurred due to non-compliance with orders or the rules within the specified amount and deadline.

2.4 Members are responsible for the well-being and behavior of their guests on the yacht club premises and for any damage caused by them. During children’s training and camps, the board has the right to limit alcohol consumption and the presence of guests at the yacht club premises.

2.5 Animals brought to the yacht club premises must not be left unattended.

2.6 Members or contractual partners must have the board’s permission to bring vehicles into the yacht club premises.

2.7 Members are entitled to short-term free parking in the lower harbor parking lot if their membership fees are paid on time. Parking longer than 3 hours is free for members next to the Hara harbor entrance. The Association is not responsible for the condition of parked vehicles.

2.8 The harbor master and/or the board have the right to impose temporary special parking arrangements if necessary.

2.9 When organizing events, care must be taken not to disturb the peace of neighboring residents, especially avoiding noisy and disruptive activities at night.

Storage of Floating Vessels on Association Premises

3.1 The storage of floating vessels at the yacht club premises is coordinated by the commodore.

3.2 Members must attend the launching and lifting operations of their vessels on the day and time designated by the commodore, with reasonable advance notice given.

3.3 Members or contractual partners must remove keel blocks, trailers, or other storage structures for their vessels from the yacht club premises within two weeks of the designated vessel launch day, unless agreed to be stored at the harbor during the navigation period.

3.4 If the obligations outlined in sections 3.2 and 3.3 are not promptly fulfilled, the Association will fulfill these obligations on behalf of the member or contractual partner and issue an invoice for the costs of relocation and storage.

3.5 The risk of preservation and destruction of the vessel lies with the vessel owner.

3.6 It is prohibited to board, sit, or stay on other people’s yachts/boats/vessels without the owner’s permission.

3.7 The Association is not liable for damage caused by force majeure (e.g., secret thefts, storms, or fire accidents) on the unattended premises and waters of the yacht club.

3.8 The Association is not liable for damage caused to a vessel by third parties or other members. The person causing the damage is liable for compensation.

Procedure for Applying for a Berth

4.1 Members and contractual partners have the right to use berths for floating vessels during the navigation season according to the harbor plan approved by the board by March 1.

4.2 Berth usage is granted for one navigation season based on the yacht captain’s declaration, which must be submitted by February 1. The valid form of the yacht captain’s declaration is available on the Hara harbor website.

4.3 All applicants are listed in an order of priority and regular queue. Priority is given to members who used a berth in the previous navigation season and submitted their declaration correctly and on time. The regular queue consists of members who did not use a berth in the previous season or whose declaration was not submitted correctly or on time. A member in the regular queue who is not granted a berth in the application season will have a higher priority in the next season compared to new applicants.

4.4 The right to use a berth is not transferable from one person to another.

4.5 Contractual partners pay a fee for berth usage, and members pay an additional membership fee by March 15 according to the price list.

4.6 The board may reject a berth application if the applicant has repeatedly violated the Association’s bylaws or rules.

Moral and Ethical Standards and Compliance

5.1 Ethical requirements and good practices are interpreted based on the law, the Association’s bylaws, decisions, and recommendations of the general meeting and board, established practice and customs, good seafaring practices, and the opinion of senior colleagues.

5.2 Members greet fellow members both on and off the yacht club premises.

5.3 Every member has the right to call other members to order if needed, both within and outside the Association’s activities and yacht club premises.

5.4 Members must not disclose or spread derogatory statements or doubts about the competence of fellow members.

5.5 Members must conduct themselves honestly and with dignity in their interactions with fellow members, guests, and the public, and in accordance with good manners and customs. Members must avoid behavior that damages the reputation of the Association.

5.6 The board and every member oversee compliance with ethical standards and good practices.

5.7 Disputes arising from the Association’s activities and personal issues between members should be resolved by agreement. If no agreement is reached, a member may refer the dispute to the board for resolution.

5.8 Members must not resolve disputes between fellow members through the media or publicly.

5.9 Violation of the bylaws, rules, board decisions, or other regulatory documents by a member may result in joint liability for the member’s sponsors.

Membership Fees and Payment Procedure

6.1 Membership fees and other dues are determined by the general meeting’s decision and reflected in the price list on the Hara harbor website. Membership fees must be paid annually by March 15, and the entrance fee within one month of membership acceptance.

6.2 Membership fees are differentiated according to the extent of use of the club’s property and consist of a base fee and additional fees. The amount of additional fees depends on the extent of use of the club’s property.

6.3 Members with overdue membership or entrance fees as of November 1 will be expelled from the Association by a board decision in accordance with sections 3.2 and 5.4 of the bylaws.