We will fill your days with exciting activities - starting with enjoying water sports and ending with a relaxing sauna experience. There are many activities and opportunities!

NEW! Sauna complex and boat trips to Hara Island

Igloo sauna

The igloo sauna offers rusticity and authenticity with its traditional wood-burning heater. In between steaming, you can comfortably relax in the front room and enjoy good company, views and a cozy atmosphere.

Up to 8 persons can take a sauna at the same time. Men’s and women’s showers are available in the harbor building.

Price: €150 / 3 hours

Smoke sauna

A smoke sauna is a sauna without a chimney. The sauna room has a large stove with a heater, which is heated for several hours. When heating the sauna, smoke comes into the sauna room and heats the sauna in addition to the heater heat. When the sauna is heated, the last smoke is released, the room is ventilated and the sauna users can come.

Up to 6 persons can take a sauna at the same time. Men’s and women’s showers are available in the harbor building.

Price: €190 / 3 hours

Raft sauna

Raft sauna is the newest and most attractive sauna in the harbor of Hara. In the raft sauna, it is possible to sauna and at the same time enjoy the sea view, company, good food and drink. Up to 10 persons can take a sauna at the same time

Price: €350 / 4 hours

Boat trips to Hara Island

What do Hara island and the fragments of Tallinn have in common? If you were interested, you can get the answer by visiting Hara Island. Hara Island has a wonderful pristine nature, a wharf, and a lighthouse . You can see special views just by looking at the land from the sea. Boat trips take place on a fishing boat.

The boat trip to the island takes approximately 10 minutes. Boat trips take place by reservation and according to weather conditions. In case of stormy weather, even the pre-ordered boat trip may not take place.

Price: €22 per participant

Activities and entertainment

Rowing boat rental

Sail along the picturesque coast yourself, enjoy the beautiful views of Lahemaa and discover undiscovered places. With a rowing boat, you decide what you want to see and where to go.

Price: €15 / 1-3 hours

Bicycle rental

Explore the surroundings of the Hara Submarine base and the beautiful Lahemaa on a bicycle! Rent a bike for yourself or the whole family and enjoy! You can enjoy a discovery trip with the whole family if you wish.

Bicycle rental price list:
Rent: €5 / 1-3 hours
Daily rental: 10€ / 8h (from 11:00-20:00)
Price of an additional hour: €3
Overnight: €20 / 24h

A deposit of €50, which will be returned after returning the bike.


Minigolf price list:
Adult: €5 / 1 round
Child: €4 / 1 round
Pensioner: €4 / 1 round
Family ticket: 15€ / 1 round (2 adults + max. 3 children)

Rent of an entire minigolf course for a group €200 (pre-booking required)

Use of the campfire

Looking for an idyllic seaside place to organize a bonfire or barbecue evening?

Campfire rental: €40 / 3h

The price includes firewood, a prepared fire place, grilling tools(burning time approximately 3 hours).

Hara Sadam has been in constant renewal, and even now, new exciting services are constantly emerging, which make it an even more attractive place for organizing events.

If you want to receive regular information from us (about once a quarter) about news and new opportunities, please leave your contact details.

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