Lively Gatherings

With the Company at Hara!

Are you looking for an exciting and unique place to organize your company’s summer days, trainings, or recreational gatherings? The ever-evolving Hara Harbor offers your team everything you need – meeting rooms that encourage good thoughts and ambitious ideas, accommodation with beautiful sea views, catering, and plenty of entertaining activities.


Enjoy a comfortable and refreshing stay in double cabins or four-person fishing huts. All accommodations are located slightly higher on the shoreline, offering stunning views of Hara Bay and the former secret submarine base facilities. Naturally, all cabins are equipped with bed linen. Washing facilities are available in the harbor building.

  • 8 double cabins provide accommodation for up to 16 people.
  • 6 four-person fishing huts provide accommodation for up to 24 people.


Hearty meals or light snacks are offered by the restaurant located in the harbor building. The indoor area of the restaurant comfortably seats 50 people, with an equal number of seats available on the outdoor terrace. The restaurant offers both light snacks and meals as well as delicious à la carte dishes. Enjoy the sound of the sea and enchanting views with tasty cocktails. For organizing a memorable event or celebration, the harbor restaurant offers full catering services and a diverse menu for both groups and smaller gatherings. It is also possible to order snacks and drinks from the restaurant for gatherings held in the meeting rooms.

Catering can also be combined with a hike or a boat trip to Hara Island, where guests are awaited by a genuine à la carte restaurant on a forest clearing or Hara Island’s boat dock, complete with all the amenities – white tablecloths, fine tableware, and multi-course gourmet delights.

Training and Seminar Rooms

  • Glass Café-Pavilion – A beautiful view and fresh air add inspiration and can turn even the most complex and boring meeting into a hotbed of innovative ideas. The glass café with an inspiring view of Hara Bay comfortably accommodates up to 35 people. The café’s glass walls can be opened from different sides, allowing guests to enjoy fresh sea air in warm weather and ensuring safe ventilation of the room. The café is equipped with everything necessary for organizing a party, training, or meeting (tables, chairs, heating, restrooms). Technical equipment needed for seminars is available upon prior agreement.
  • Captain’s Room – For a smaller group of up to 8 people, the Captain’s Room in the harbor is suitable for meetings or team gatherings. The sea view, enjoyable in any weather, adds an unprecedented tranquility to serious discussions.
  • Harbor Restaurant – The harbor restaurant with beautiful sea views is open every day during the summer season from 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM (or as long as you can enjoy it).

Active Activities and Entertainment

  • Guided Tours and Exhibitions – A guided tour of the former submarine demagnetization base offers an opportunity to explore the former submarine base and climb the harbor piers. The guide introduces visitors to the history of the submarine base and the secret operations carried out there. The harbor building also hosts fascinating exhibitions. The interactive exhibition “Hell on the Baltic Sea,” dedicated to the 1941 Battle of Juminda Mine, takes the viewer back in time to witness one of the most gruesome naval battles of World War II. Through video installations and stories from survivors of the battle, the viewer is confronted with the horror that claimed the lives of nearly 15,000 people.
  • Nature Hike in the Surroundings – The Juminda Peninsula is characterized by its high central part, where the intertwining of ancient beach ridges and sand dunes, forest, and bog strips have created a uniquely varied landscape. The hiking trail leads to Majakivi, the third largest glacial erratic in Estonia. The estimated duration of the hike is 1.5 hours, and the length is about 6 km. During the hike, the guide will talk about the exciting history of the surroundings and the fascinating and enchanting nature.
  • Rowboat Rental – Rowboats are available for exploring the surroundings at your own pace, allowing you to enjoy the picturesque views of Lahemaa from Hara Bay.
  • Boat Trips to Hara Island – For those who do not enjoy rowing but prefer to quietly enjoy beautiful views and the sound of the waves while gaining more knowledge about the area’s exciting history, it is possible to order a boat trip to Hara Bay or Hara Island with an experienced captain and/or tour guide.
  • Kayaks – Kayaks are available for those who want to explore the coastal areas and even undertake a more thorough sea expedition. It is also possible to kayak with a guide, who will tell fascinating stories about the surroundings and the mysterious history of the Hara submarine base.
  • SUP Boards – For those who want to enjoy moving around the bay at their own pace, SUP boards are available to sail to Hara Island, enjoy the enchanting views from Hara Bay, or even practice SUP yoga at sunrise or sunset.
  • Bicycle Rental – There are 4 men’s, 4 women’s, and 3 children’s bicycles available for smaller groups to explore the beautiful views of the surroundings by bike.
  • Mini Golf – For those who prefer land-based activities, traditional mini golf offers enjoyable entertainment.
  • Sauna Complex – Sauna enthusiasts can choose from two different sauna options at Hara Harbor: an igloo sauna and a smoke sauna.
  • Igloo Sauna – The igloo sauna offers rustic charm and authenticity with its traditional wood-burning stove. In between sauna sessions, guests can relax in the anteroom and enjoy good company, views, and a cozy atmosphere. The sauna can accommodate up to 8 people at a time. Men’s and women’s shower facilities are available in the harbor building.
  • Smoke Sauna – The smoke sauna is a sauna without a chimney. It has a large stove that is heated for several hours. During heating, the smoke fills the sauna room and warms it up in addition to the heat from the stove. Once the sauna is heated, the last smoke is let out, the room is ventilated, and guests can enter. The sauna can accommodate up to 6 people at a time. Men’s and women’s shower facilities are available in the harbor building.