Port of Hara

Come by sea!

The port is managed by Hara Sadam MTÜ.

Coastal fishermen, NGO Hara Seilamise Selts, Hara Sadamaresto, Hara Sadam MTÜ operate in the port.

Hara Port is the gateway to the sea for both young sailors, fishermen, boat owners and summer vacationers.

Hara Sadam MTÜ was established on 17.06.2015. The goal of the MTÜ (NGO) is the development, preservation, protection and maintenance of the Hara small port, creating a suitable environment for port services, valuing history, self-development and creative activities, and thereby developing the local living, visiting and natural environment and increasing the competitiveness of the region.

All facilities and buildings on the territory of the port are primarily intended for vessels visiting the port and for servicing their crews.

If the harbor shop is closed, please pay the rent of your staying in Hara Port by bank transfer. You can find the prices below.

Hara Sadam OÜ EE144204278619984808

General port number:
(+372) 58608855

Harbor Master:
Tarvi Velström +372 5690 0433

Hara Sadam MTÜ
Hara sadam, Hara village, Kuusalu parish, 74810 Harju county

Services and guidelines

  • Long-term mooring for vessels up to 10 m €30/24h
  • Long-term mooring for vessels 10 m -12 m €40/24h
  • Long-term mooring for vessels 12 m and more €50/24h
  • Short-term mooring (up to 5 hours) €15
  • Using a slip €10/vessel
  • Berth rental for the entire navigation period (01.05 – 30.10)
  • Renting a berth for vessels up to 6m €600/(monthly €200)
  • Renting a berth for vessels 6m and more €800 (monthly €250)
  • Storage of vessel on the territory of the haven €1200/year
  • Storage of vessel on the storage area off-season (01.11-30.04) €2.50/m2
  • There are many opportunities for an active holiday in the territory of Hara Harbor.
  • Paddling board 15€/hour
  • Rowling boat 15€/1-3 hours
  • Kayak rent 15€/1-3 hours
  • Trip with a motorboat or yacht agreed price
  • Guided tour on the territory agreed price
  • All types of business or non-lucrative activities on the territory agreed price
  • *The rental price of the guest berth includes a visit to the submarine base, electricity.
  • The building has an information point where you can get information about the attractions in the Hara port area and other ports in the area, a laundry room, a shower room, disabled facilities, a rest room, a meeting room and a port operating room. The port area is covered with free WIFI connection.
  • Sauna is available for port customers during 18:00-21:00 o’clock. Please book in advance!

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Rules of the Port

  • A permission from the Port Service (phone number (+372) 56 900 433) is necessary for entering the port and using the berth.
  • As there is a danger of falling or loose rocks on the territory, the Port Service must be notified and agree with entering the territory.
  • Climbing on the rocks of the pier and in the abandoned buildings is dangerous and therefore forbidden.
  • It is forbidden to walk (and to berth) on the pier parallel to the pier going from west to east and also on the pier going from north to south without a permission from the Port Service.
  • Children under 13 are only allowed on the territory accompanied by an adult.
  • A permit from the Port Service is needed to enter the territory of the port with a motorized vehicle.
  • All vehicles (including bicycles) must be left at the designated parking area. Vehicles are not allowed on the pier.
  • Littering is prohibited. Please take all your trash with you when you leave!
  • Swimming (including jumping in the water) in the aquatory is prohibited.
  • Netting in the aquatory is prohibited. Angling from the pier is allowed with an angling permit from the port.
  • Only the workers of the yacht club and people participating in sailing courses are allowed to enter the territory of the yacht club (near the shipping containers).
  • When using the slip, the vehicle used for transporting the vessel and the trailer must be parked to the parking area in a way, that lets others use the slip as well.
  • All types of tricks and towing for fun purposes in the aquatory are prohibited.
  • All people present on the territory of the port must agree to the rules and the guidelines given by the workers of the port.